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JUNE 9, 2010.  There are many messiahs among us. 

They have various visions of the future, but these visions have a common denominator: the future will be One Thing for Everyone.  It will be a single choir singing the same tune.

Why?  Because the messiahs can’t stand plural reality, open reality, fertile reality.  The messiahs want a locked gate on their uniform paradise.

And to make sure the future has that gate, they need Authority, a guiding hand to bring us all into the same campground and keep us there.

Contrast this to the description of limited government embedded in the Constitution.

Then flash forward to the present, when government is the official messiah.  If a person has a need, the government will determine whether it is a right.  If a person has a desire, the government will say whether it is an entitlement.


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